Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Selenium 2.0-The future of Selenium!!!

Selenium 2.0 is a major milestone in Selenium's automations landmark. Selenium 2.0 has many new exciting features and improvements over Selenium 1. The primary new feature is the integration of the WebDriver API. This addresses a number of limitations of Selenium 1 (RC) along with providing an alternative, and simpler, programming interface. The goal is to develop an object-oriented API that provides additional support for a larger number of browsers along with improved support for modern advanced web-app testing problems.

Rather than being a JavaScript application running within the browser, it uses whichever mechanism is most appropriate to control the browser. For Firefox, this means that WebDriver is implemented as an extension. For IE, WebDriver makes use of IE's Automation controls. By changing the mechanism used to control the browser, we can circumvent the restrictions placed on the browser by the JavaScript security model. In those cases where automation through the browser isn't enough, WebDriver can make use of facilities offered by the Operating System. For example, on Windows we simulate typing at the OS level, which means we are more closely modeling how the user interacts with the browser, and that we can type into "file" input elements.

So, what are the differences between Selenium WebDriver and Selenium RC and where innovation is?
The thing is in the way of interaction with the browser:
  • Selenium RC sends commands to the browser using JavaScript Selenium Core.
  • WebDriver works with the browser through native browser interface.

Selenium developers recommend to use Selenium webDriver, as Selenium RC was officially deprecated. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Selenium+TestNG+ANT (SAT) FrameWork

One of the descent framework for dynamic data driven testing using Selenium is by using Selenium along with TestNG and ANT as the build tool.
The flexibilty in this framework is that it allows you to execute the test suite either from an IDE like eclipse or from a batch file with the help of ANT.
This helps an external user who have little knwledge on Selenium to execute the test suite by double clicking on the batch file....
I shall post here further details of this framework if any of you would like to know more in details about this framework.